Individual Counseling

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Clients typically seek sessions with me when they realize they are unfulfilled in their lives or in their relationships and feel motivated to live more intentionally. Whether you experience the difficulty as stress, uncertainty, or physical discomfort, we can work in collaboration to identify attainable goals on a path toward a more fulfilling and expansive life. Our sessions can be designed to guide you in finding clarity and connection with your authentic self, while developing mindfulness-based skills to address anxiety or self-critical thinking that may arise through your process of transformation.  

Couples Counseling

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When I work with couples to address sexual intimacy issues, I begin with exploring the importance of emotional intimacy as a foundation of having a meaningful sexually intimate relationship. Couples counseling can be an avenue to connect with your partner in a new way; a place to learn more about each other's perspectives and to discover different ways to communicate your needs and hopes. These sessions can offer you a safe space in which to acknowledge your part of the challenging dynamics and take responsibility for improving the quality of your intimate relationship. When both people in the relationship are invested in change, your intimate relationship can grow immensely.

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Group Counseling

session rate $65    |    payment information    |   practice & privacy policies 

Group sessions are small gatherings of 4 to 8 women. Email or call me to sign up for group sessions.

Engage with Passion: Rediscovering Pleasure

6-week group in-person | Aug 7 - Sept 11, 2019 | Wednesday evenings 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Members of this in-person group are women who have been working with a gynecologist and a pelvic floor physical therapist to treat medical causes of dyspareunia (pain with penetrative sex). Due to the sensitivity of this topic, my primary focus is on the comfort of each person in the group. Members will be invited to share their challenges with pain and anxiety only to the extent they wish. I will offer guidance in coping with chronic pelvic pain and in maintaining emotional intimacy in your relationship, as well as processing the challenges in intimate relationships when sexual intimacy is associated with discomfort, fear, and avoidance. 

Session Cost, Frequency, & Duration

I typically meet with clients either every week or every other week depending on clients' goals, as well as other considerations such as affordability and clients' other time commitments. The duration of therapy varies for each client. 

Individual sessions are $165, couples' sessions are $200, and group sessions are $65. You may pay for sessions with a credit, debit, flex benefit, or health savings card. If you have out-of-network insurance reimbursement through a PPO insurance plan, you may be reimbursed most of your session cost. You can learn about reimbursement by reading the payment information document.

Because I do not accept insurance and clients pay directly for sessions, I recognize that cost can sometimes be a factor in the frequency and length of time we work together. We can choose to clearly set a specific goal for sessions to contain the work, and if therapy needs to be very brief we can also choose to limit the number of sessions at the beginning of our work. If we are very limited in the number of sessions you can afford, such as only meeting two or three times, we may choose to focus more on education and recommendations for resources you can access for ongoing independent work, as well as referrals to other providers who may work with you to address related issues.

Programs & Workshops

I offer education about sexuality issues both online and in weekend workshops. These services are not considered therapy sessions. You can register for these services on the Programs page of this website.

Teletherapy - videoconferencing and telephone sessions

I offer remote therapy sessions to serve clients in New Hampshire and North Carolina who are not able to come to my office. When clients are located too far away to drive to Portsmouth, all of our sessions would be remote.  Teletherapy may also be helpful to local clients on occasion when they are unable to find childcare to come in for their scheduled session or when inclement weather causes driving to be unsafe. 

Remote sessions should provide the same confidentiality, privacy, and security as sessions in my office. For this reason, videoconference sessions use a HIPAA-compliant service designed for therapists and physicians. If we are planning to meet for a remote session, I will ask you to read the informed consent policy for teletherapy and sign this document via the client portal before our session. Please also read the guidelines and system requirements you will need to meet for us to have a secure, private, and confidential session. 

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Inner Wisdom Meditation Space

Clients have access to a quiet space for meditation, reflection, journaling, and light therapy. This room is open to clients Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. except when the room is reserved for a workshop. You may consider arriving an hour before your appointment or staying after your session to continue processing.

Using the light box can be helpful if you experience winter blues or seasonal affective disorder.

If you arrive before a therapy session, please move to the waiting room just prior to your appointment time. 

Consultation & Training

I offer continuing education for physicians, medical staff, and psychotherapists regarding work with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender clients / patients. You can view a list of recent CMEs / CEs. I also offer consultation to medical offices and psychotherapy practices to enhance clinicians' work with clients / patients regarding sexual issues. 

My rate for consultation services is $165 per hour. I provide in-office trainings beginning at $200 per hour, depending on the needs of the office. Rates for speaking engagements, including continuing education programming, vary depending on the needs of the program.