Do you wish to feel more connected to a partner, a friend, or a family member? Are there moments when you feel lonely though you aren’t alone? If you sense there is distance, whether or not you spend time together, there may be room to develop more emotional intimacy.

Intimacy involves deeply knowing another and being known by another. This level of being seen can only occur if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to let someone see our authentic self. The risk we feel here is the fear of rejection for who we truly are, and this is especially difficult if we are rejecting of ourselves. 

Therefore, the path to an intimate relationship with another is through the path of self-love and self-acceptance. This is not a path to perfection, of identifying all the parts we think are broken and fixing them. That path takes us further into self-criticism and shame, which moves us more into avoidance and numbing. The more we accept all the parts of ourselves, the more we are able to allow another to see all of us. 

Feeling known, understood, and accepted is a powerful experience. You deserve to give yourself this gift.